We make sparks fly.

Our greatest goal is to make the eyes of your customers and visitors light up – this has been our strength in live communication for many years.

As an established partner for the provision of personnel that is valued by our customers, legal security and the satisfaction of our employees – and therefore also yours at your event – are our top priorities.
We have gone through the multi-year examination process of the Federal Employment Agency to apply for a permit for temporary employment and have obtained it.


We represent you.

Our qualified and representative staff are present – and impressive – where it matters most: at the venue of your event. We provide you with hostesses and hosts who meet your needs and requirements professionally and completely – and who are friendly contact persons and nice colleagues.


We live your product.

Whether regionally, nationally or throughout Europe – our promoters provide individual product experiences at a wide variety of locations and for every target group.
Thanks to our staffing, which is optimally tailored to your requirements profile, and extensive product training, you can achieve maximum credibility with our staff exactly where it matters.


We offer the perfect service.

Our experienced, friendly and attentive service staff are the key to the success of your event. Unobtrusive but charming, with an eye for the guest and their needs – we live the service concept and let the sparks fly.


We bring all the threads together.

Nothing is more complex at an event than handling a multitude of processes and people. Promoters, service staff, hostesses at accreditation, valet parking, runners…
Our competent team leaders and supervisors coordinate the staff on site, monitor processes, manage break times and react to changing conditions in a solution-oriented manner. They are your special contact on site, implement requests directly and ensure the organizational preparation and follow-up – from the distribution of teamwear to time recording, etc.


We don’t just make children’s eyes light up.

Our staff, specially trained for use as walking acts, adapt perfectly to the desired characteristics, poses and “tasks” of the act.
From a friendly waving photo motif for children and adults to a motivating mascot for crowds. We are the magnet of every event.


We bring your products to life.

Our empathetic and competent trainers convey your core messages and product features to employees and customers. We can draw on our extensive database of expert staff and trainers from a wide range of industries, from automotive and gaming to general sales processes and methods.


We make your message audible.

An elegant presenter, an entertaining moderator – or vice versa. Or both! Professional presentations are memorable and turn lectures or product presentations into an experience. Our portfolio will inspire you!


We mediate legally compliant.

Temporary employment means that an employee is hired out by an employer to a third party for a limited period of time in return for payment. The employer becomes the lender and the third party becomes the hirer.
This authorization is accompanied by strict requirements regarding the structure of the contract, wages and duties vis-à-vis the social security funds and the staff employed.
Unfortunately, there are still some “black sheep” in the industry who lend out staff without the appropriate authorization. This makes not only the provider but also the customer liable to prosecution, which can lead to fines or, in the event of an on-site inspection, to the event being canceled.
You can rely on our expertise in the provision of personnel and our specialist knowledge of current labor law amendments.


We can provide staff for any situation.

Shuttle and valet service
Car instructors
Artists and DJs
VIP support
and much more.